December 11, 2021

Canada is a land of opportunity for every international student. Many top universities offer scholarships to study in Canada for Pakistani students. These universities offer several scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Canada.

Scholarships to Study in Canada

Some universities offer full financial discounts while others only provide limited relief to international students. Here are some of the best Canadian universities for BS, MS / MPhil, M.A education that leads to PhDs and their offerings for Pakistani students.

Scholarships to Study in Canada
Scholarships to Study in Canada

Top Universities with high Scholarships

  • Ryerson University

It is a top university in Canada offering scholarships to international students in a variety of undergraduate programs. But the scholarship depends on the duration of your program.

University Scholarships are offered only to applicants who wish to gain full-time admission to the Institute for the year 2021-22. However, scholarships are limited so students must qualify for a scholarship to Canada.

The university offers 10 scholarships to international applicants who have a bright career in education. The Scholarship provides $5000 per student per year to all eligible applicants.


Students who score at least 70% in the final degree are eligible for scholarships.

Only applicants who qualify for the entrance test will be eligible for the scholarship.

The age of students approved for scholarships at the Institute is 32 for undergraduate programs and 40 for graduate programs.

How to apply?

Students can easily post their applications for admissions. They can also send their applications to the institute by email.

  • University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers a wide range of scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada. They have announced numerous scholarships for graduate and undergraduate programs for the years 2021 and 2022.

The number of scholarships will determine the distribution of funds for grants. Pakistani students can apply for any of the programs offered by the University of British Columbia.


Applicants seeking scholarships to the Institute must submit their nominations through the appropriate channel.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have English language certification.

Students with excellent educational history will be allowed for the scholarship.

International students are eligible for scholarships with a Canadian student visa.

Applicants with a recognized secondary school degree are eligible for this UBC Scholarship.

Your financial status should be sufficient for consideration by the Institute.

University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia

How to apply?

Students who meet all of the admissions requirements must submit their applications online before the deadline at the Institute.

  • Quest University

Quest University in Canada is offering full scholarships to Pakistani students for graduate and undergraduate programs. The Institute provides a $2000 scholarship each year to candidates or applicants.

The duration of the scholarship is four years and applicants with excellent academic records will be offered the opportunity to study at the Quest University of Canada.


Students with higher academic records, for example more than 90% average marks in degree programs at secondary and graduate level will be considered for Quest University grants only.

Candidates will be judged not only for their marks but also for the personal and professional abilities of the candidates for various programs conducted by the Institute.

Extracurricular activities are also counted for admission to the institute, so candidates seeking admission in various activities will also be considered for grants.

How to Apply?

All Pakistani students can send a complete application form. They can also send resumes and two letters of recommendation from the institute.

  • Ottawa University

The University of Ottawa, in collaboration with the Center for Human Rights and Research Education (HRREC), Canada, provides scholarships for Pakistani students in various social sciences and law subjects. The validity of the scholarship is one year and about $15,000 prizes are awarded to the students of the Institute.


All international students enrolled in the various Master’s programs can apply for the Fellowship.

Candidates who have pursued all human rights are eligible for admission to the university.

How to Apply?

It provides an easy method to apply for your admission. All students can submit applications by email by the deadline.

Scholarships to Study in Canada for Pakistani students

  1. Scholarship for Postdoctoral Research Program
  2. Canada-ASEAN Scholarships
  3. Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS) in Canada
  4. Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP)
  5. Scholarship of ALT (African Leaders of Tomorrow) Program
  6. Prime Minister (PM) of Canada Scholarships to Study Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs (for Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs)
  7. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (for a Doctoral Degree, Masters leading to Ph.D. and PhD)
  8. Presidential Scholarships in Canada (for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs)
  9. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships (Undergraduate Students at the University of Toronto)


In this article, you can know scholarships to study in Canada for Pakistani students. Canada is the best place to get higher education with several opportunities. So, if you are interested and want to apply for admission, you can visit our website to get more information.

December 3, 2021

If you are a Pakistani citizen and want to apply for a family permanent resident visa in Canada, this is the best way to go about it. There are many reasons why you might want to do so too! For example, if your spouse or common-law partner lives in Canada and has been there for at least one year before applying, they can sponsor their spouse or common-law partner with an application from within Canada. This will allow them to enter Canada as a permanent resident from abroad.

Best way to Apply Family Permanent Resident Visa

Canadian citizens have many options when it comes to applying for family visas. You can use from inside of Canada or from a third country overseas. But before you decide which way is best for you, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Pakistani citizens face a few challenges that other nationalities do not have to worry about, so this blog post will go into detail on the best way for them to apply for a Canadian family visa – without any hassle!

If you are thinking of applying for a family visa in Canada, then there is the best way that would help you. The first step involves getting your application package from the Canadian embassy or consulate in Pakistan where you will be applying. It contains all the documents needed for your application form to be processed successfully.

Contact Immigration Advisors

Contact one of our immigration advisors by calling us on +1519330-4688 or completing the form at We will assess your eligibility, discuss your objectives and help you with your application process so that all the documentation required can be sent ahead of time.

Contact Immigration Advisors
Contact Immigration Advisors

If your spouse or common-law partner lives in Canada, then he/she can sponsor you to come live with them.
You will need to provide certain documents before applying; there are four categories of documents that may be required depending on your situation:
(1) Identity and criminal background checks
(2) Proof of financial support
(3) Medical certificate form signed by a physician within one year prior to the date of application’s submission
(4) Durable relationship information forms.

Proof of your Relationship

You will also need proof of your relationship with the sponsor, proof of your financial situation, and more. The first category is Proof of Sponsorship. This must be submitted by your sponsor, who should provide all necessary documentation proving they can support you financially while living in Canada. You also need to provide an Affidavit of Support which is signed by the applicant’s sponsor and two other people who can attest to their financial soundness (such as a bank manager).

When the Canadian government announced that it would be welcoming 10,000 more immigrants from Pakistan in 2017, many of them were excited about this opportunity. However, there was a lot of confusion about how to apply for a family visa in Canada and what they needed to do so. I hope this article helped you in getting insights into how to apply for a family visa.

December 1, 2021

The Canadian government has started a new program that allows entrepreneurs from all over the world to get Permanent Residency in Canada. The Start-Up Visa for Canada is available for applicants who have been accepted into a full-time accelerator program and can prove they have at least USD 200,000 in investment funds. Similar to other Permanent Resident visas, this visa includes an open work permit which allows you to start your business or work for any employer you choose while still being eligible for Permanent Residency status.

Best opportunity Startup Visa for Canada

The startup visa for Canada is a Permanent Resident Visa, and it can be obtained by entrepreneurs who intend to start their businesses. If you want to come to Canada and create your own business, there are three things that you need:

-A Permanent Residence application form 

-Documentation supporting the permanent residence application 

-A letter from a Canadian financial institution confirming that they will provide enough funds for you to establish yourself in Canada

Canada is a country that offers Permanent Visas to eligible applicants who wish to start a new life in this beautiful country. Permanent visas are long-term immigration permits for people who want to settle permanently in Canada and have the ability and skills to contribute positively on their arrival. Permanent visa holders can also apply for citizenship if they so choose. The process of applying for a Permanent Visa is complex but not impossible with a few tips from an experienced Immigration Lawyer like me! 

What do you need to get a Permanent Visa

To get Permanent Visa, you will need:

– To be 18 years or older 

– Have enough money saved up or the means of support while living in Canada 

– Be able to speak English or French at an intermediate level

The Permanent Residence Program in Canada is one of the most sought-after immigration programs in the world. Permanent residents are eligible for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for three years, and they can live anywhere in Canada. The permanent residency also offers many benefits, including access to all public services, protection under Canadian law, and eligibility for government jobs.

Permanent Residence Program in Canada
Permanent Residence Program in Canada

However, suppose you are interested in immigrating to Canada but don’t want to wait until permanent residency becomes available (which could take up to 10 years). In that case, a startup visa for Canada maybe your best option. A startup visa for Canada allow business owners or entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that can contribute significantly to the economy of Canada to apply for temporary residence while their application is being processed.

There are many reasons why someone may want to start a new life in Canada. However, permanent residency and citizenship can be difficult and costly, and it can take years before you’re eligible for them. For some people, the best option is to apply for a startup visa for Canada. This article will walk you through the procedure of getting your startup visa so that you can legally live in the country.

Permanent Resident Visa (PR)

The Permanent Resident Visa (PR) is a Canadian Permanent Residence visa that allows you to live and work in Canada indefinitely. In addition, it enables you to travel freely within Canada, visit other countries, and return to Canada as often as needed. To apply for the Permanent Resident Visa, applicants must have a valid temporary residence permit or study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 

To be eligible for permanent residency in Canada, applicants will need:

– Permanent resident status from another country 

– Demonstrated financial resources – Evidence of adequate medical insurance coverage

Why is the Demand for Startup Visas up Scaled?

 * Permanent Residency to startup Shareholders with 10% shareholding along with their family members

 * Substantial savings on tuition fee of children as Permanent Canadian residents are charged at domestic fee slab.

 * Brand name falls under the category of North American business for easy access to the USA and global markets

 * Permanent Residency is not dependent on business contingencies

 * North American Investors funding access can be availed 

 * Cheaper interest rate loans to finance the global operations 

 * In North America ecosystem expands rapidly 

 * Various treaties are involved in the residency operations in the US

The Permanent Resident Visa is a great way to live in Canada for people looking for a new home. Permanent residents can work, study, access social benefits, and generally enjoy the same rights as citizens. The Permanent Resident Visa will allow you to gain permanent residence status in Canada if you have been living here legally with temporary resident status for at least one year out of the last three years,

But what about those people who want to come to Canada but don’t plan on staying permanently? Well, there’s good news! You may be eligible for a Startup Visa, which helps entrepreneurs establish themselves in Canada.

 To Build Businesses that are

ü Innovative in nature

ü Can create jobs for Canadians 

ü Can compete on a global scale and can simplify lives 

ü Average time needed to process the application is 12 to 16 months 

The Permanent Resident Visa is a permanent residence permit that allows qualified applicants and their family members to live in Canada indefinitely. The Startup Visa Program, also referred to as the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program is designed for entrepreneurs with business ideas. A person holding this visa can start up a business or invest in an existing one and be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residence after three years of successful operation under the investment agreement. 

To qualify for the Permanent Resident Visa, you must: 

– Have enough funds available (minimum $10 million) – Meet language requirements – Hold no criminal convictions

In Canada, a Permanent Resident Visa is obtained by immigrating to the country and confirming your status. A Permanent Resident Visa does not allow you to work in Canada; however, if you are self-employed or have a startup company approved for a Startup Visa, there are some different requirements. 

A Permanent Resident can Apply for a Startup Visa if he/she meets the following Criteria

1) Have an active business idea that will generate jobs and economic growth in Canada 

2) Provide evidence of secure financing from Canadian investors or financial institution

3) Demonstrate significant potential for growth with detailed projections on job creation and revenue generation 

4) Meet specific government regulations

And here you go, you’ll become a permanent resident in Canada.

November 29, 2021

There are several reasons to study in Canada, but one of the most is that it has the best higher study destinations. Canada is offering several courses options ranging from undergraduate diplomas to master degrees.

Study in Canada

Research opportunities are a key component of Canadian universities that play a significant role at the front of modern technology. It is a secure and peaceful country that considers as the best place to live in. The top 3 most livable cities of Canadian are Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary in the world.

Best Universities for Study in Canada

Canada has the best universities among the top international ranking universities. They have maintained high standards of academic excellence with the lowest tuition fees in English-speaking countries.

The Best place to get Higher Studies and PR

Canada is providing the best higher education and public relations places in the world to live. Students in Canada have several options to work after graduation program. They can make Canada a permanent home by applying for permanent residency.

Canada is a multicultural country that supports over 90 languages spoken in larger cities. Its Universities are spread and have a high-quality education with several programs like certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, degrees, masters, doctorate, etc.

Canadian government charges lower tuition fees that are relatively affordable as compared to US, UK, and Australian Universities. Canada provides a solid investment to get higher education.

It is also known as the Land Of Opportunities for their Jobs opportunities. Canada has one of the best education systems with outstanding programs in digitally all fields. Canadian universities degrees are highly valuable for employers around the world.

Canada Services for International Students

Canada is increasing the number of international students. They are encouraging many students to apply to Canadian universities.

Canada Services for International Students 
Canada Services for International Students

·       Education System

Education is a provincial responsibility in the Canadian components. There are significant differences between the education systems of Canada and other provinces.

The education system in Canada contains

  1. Generally, all universities are Public funded that provide various courses ranging from Degree to P.HD and research-based.
  2. There are also Private community colleges and technical institutes that are offering diplomas skill-based or Job oriented. These diplomas lead to bachelors in Universities with affordable tuition fees.
  3. About 175 post-secondary institutions have members of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). They are officially known by several titles like Community College, College, Technical Institute, University College, and Caged.
  4. Mostly Public and private institutions are authorized and registered by the Canadian government. They cannot be regulated in another way without any registration.
  5.  All public and private recognized and licensed postsecondary institutions in Canada. They have the authority to allow academic qualifications by their provincial governments through agreements or rules. These agreements enable mechanisms for institutional and program quality.

·       Part-Time Job

It is another service provided by Canada. They offer to International students that they can work on-campus or off-campus with or without a work permit during completing studies.

  1. The Off-Campus Work authority program allows students to work off-campus as a part-time job. But, a student must be a full-time student enrolled at a participating publicly funded post-secondary educational institution for qualification.
  2. There is another option that he must be an approved program at an authorized privately funded institution.

·       Stay Back Options

The International students that are studying for a minimum 8 months program; can apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). They allow students to stay back in Canada after their studies.

But, the duration of stay back is depending upon the duration of their program. If the study program is less than 2 years then the stay back is equal to the duration of their course. If their program is 2 years or more than 2 years then the stay equals 3 years.


Hence, the above material shows that study in Canada is the best place to get higher studies and Permanent Residency. The government charges lower tuition fees that are relatively affordable as compared to other countries.

It is also known as the Land Of Opportunities for their Jobs opportunities. Canadian universities degrees are highly valuable for employers around the world. If you want to get higher education then, Canada is the best place to live in.


November 26, 2021

In simple words, a work visa means you want to apply for a job in another country. So, which country is best for immigration? The answer to this question is that Canada is the best country for immigration because Canada provides many facilities like health care, high paid salary, and leaves.

Working benefits in Canada

If you want to apply for a Work Visa for Canada, the benefits you will get are

Your salary is highly paid; working is 40 hours per week, having 25 leaves in one year, and If you are ill, they will support you in every matter.

Best Canadian cities for working

If you want to apply for a work visa for Canada, then these cities are best

  • Vancouver, British Columbia: It is the best place if you want to make your career. They provide high paid salary starting from $65, 16.
  • Calgary Alberta: It provides you low cost of living. It is a hygienic, well-off city. The salary they provide starts from $50,200.
  • Victoria British Columbia: It is the best city because of health and education. For instance, you want to move with your family then this best city. Salary starts from $39,000.
  • Edmonton Alberta: This city is famous for oil, gas, cultivation, and progressive technology. If you are interested in this type of work, then Edmonton is the best option. Starting salary is $55,235.
  • Hamilton Ontario: This city is the best option if you want to apply for industrial work, food handling. Starting salary offered by them is $36075/year.

Types of work sanction

There are two types of work permits if you want to apply for a work visa for Canada

  • Employer-specific work permit.
  • Openwork permit.
  • Dependent work visa.

As a specific employer, you can work as an employer for only that place where you applied.

Openwork permit allows you to do any job you do not require this kind of letter like LMIA.

What kind of people can for this open work permit? Postgraduate, impermanent occupants can apply for this type of work.

Here are some conditions for an open work visa: your financial state is good, no criminal record, excellent health, and good language skills.

If you choose a Dependent work visa, the Canadian government allows you to move with your family. Your children can take admission in educational organizations. In addition to this, your family members can also apply for jobs in Canada under this type of visa.

What are the requirements for Suitability?

What are the requirements for Suitability
What are the requirements for Suitability

Provide proof that you can support your family and yourself.

You have to prove that you do not have any criminal record, and a police consent certificate is required.

You will leave the country when your work visa gets expired; give this proof to your officer.

You will have to provide proof that you are not a threat to Canada’s safety.

Your health should be good, and you have no disease also, provide proof of this.

You cannot work as an employer with another officer without government permission.

You have to provide all the documents to officers so that you can quickly enter Canada.

What are the documents required for Entry in Canada?

Your qualification record is also required.

Work experience records are also required.

You need two passport size photos for a work visa.

Submit all of your dues according to requirements.

Give a detailed record of your qualification related to your profession.

You will have to give proof that you can meet the expenses of Canada.

Your medical will also do from the hospitals which the government registers.

You will have to prove you must leave the country after your work visa expiry date.

Canada prime Immigration

Canada Prime Immigration is the best immigration market in Pakistan furthermore, in Canada also. They have professional consultants who know how to deal with their clients in the best way. Training given to these employees is best in every manner. CPI tells you which work visa for Canada is according to your optimal.

They deal with clients professionally and solve all their queries for visas. Tell people which city and office are good for them according to their requirements. They always satisfy their clients by guiding them properly. Fahad Khan gives the best services as a consultant. He always communicates with people and deals with them in the best ways.


In short, if you want to apply for a work visa for Canada, then it is your best choice. In Canada, you get a job according to your choice and professional interest. Canada provides you with a lot of services like financial support. Move to Canada if you want to work abroad. Canada Prime Immigration is the best immigration market; they try to make your dreams come true. You can work in the office of your choice with the help of CPI consultancy.

November 26, 2021

The article below aims to educate the audience about the top 10 courses to study in Canada after graduation. It simultaneously explains the mechanism of internationally operating companies that assist people to study in Canada.

Why is Canada a desirable destination for Studies ?

Canada is a home for some of the top ranking institutes and universities. The educational entities in this country offer a diverse range of subjects and a multitude of versatile disciplines. The significance and value of Canadian degrees is consistently upgrading with the passage of time.

Procuring a student visa for Canadian institutes is not an overly consuming and complicated process. It solely requires efficient and competent forms of educational consultancy services. Universities from Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec have the highest intake of international students annually.

Students from all over the world can gain massively from the rich and vibrant lifestyle in these cities. It allows them to become culturally and economically competent individuals alongside growing on educational and professional levels. Canada has some distinct and world class faculty that enriches the educational and academic experience of individuals.

What are the Top 10 Courses to Study in Canada after Graduation?

  1. Computer Science and Software Programs

Canadian universities offer an extremely diverse range of specializations in the fields of computer science and software programs. These are inclusive of data science, cloud computing, business informatics and more. These programs require individuals and students to analyses theoretical studies and practical applications of these software systems.

Computer Science and Software Programs
Computer Science and Software Programs

It assists international students to secure internships and jobs in a number of reputable and competent industries. It tremendously serves as a pathway towards IT companies, e commerce organizations and other commercial agencies. Computer applications and software experts are extremely high on demand in international job markets.

  1. Human Resource Management (HRM) Degrees

 HRM degrees open the doors in numerous industries and organizations for students. Procuring an international education in human resource adds convenience to the process of securing sources of income in Canada. The country provides dynamic job opportunities to the commercial experts in order to encourage an inclusive labor market.

  1. Civil Engineering Degrees

Civil engineering programs at Canadian universities equip students with skills such as landscape planning, architectural designs, highways and buildings architecture. It allows students from different countries to get a hand on competitive engineering and architectural skills from the most reputable institutes. They help individuals to understand construction models, structural designing and aesthetic modules of engineering.

  1. Public Health

 Public health management, healthcare facilities and health or hygiene management are some of the primary concerns of a developed nation such as Canada. It prioritizes the educational and professional domains revolving around public health and care facilities. It is one of the top 10 courses to study in Canada after graduation.

It helps students to secure high ranking designations in private and public sector organizations in Canada and other developed economies.

  1. Financial Management Degrees

 Degrees in financial management offer a versatile and dynamic array of jobs, specifically in first world countries around the world. Canada is the fastest growing economy that fuels the blend of free and command economic systems through financial management. An insight into financial systems opens the doorway into several professional aspects worldwide.

A degree in finance and accounting allows individuals to procure monetarily rewarding jobs in the beginning of their career. Studying in Canadian universities serves as a remarkable perk in terms of facilities and educational guidance.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

 Choosing a degree in mechanical engineering can allow you to experiment vigorously in multiple types of scientific laboratories. People get their hands on technical and analytical skills in amalgamation to opportunities in an active labor market. This makes mechanical engineering one of the top 10 courses to study in Canada after graduation.

  1. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Education

 Pharmaceutical education offers an excessive range of specializations to individuals. These comprise drug delivery, biotechnology, chemical usage, molecular biology, pharmaceutical management and more. Canadian universities equip students with an exposure towards pharmacology labs, organic synthesis and cell culture experiments.

  1. International Relations

 International relations offer a comprehensive study of political economy, global finance and international intervention. It is one of the top 10 courses to study in Canada after graduation. It is due to this degrees global worth in terms of its knowledge and diversity.

It also helps individuals acquire education revolving around constitutional laws and social policies, securing their place in legal agencies and international platforms.

  1. Psychology

A degree in psychological programs equips people with practical training opportunities in local clinics, hospitals and NGOs. Canada strongly prioritizes personal and interpersonal concerns as mental health, depression, stress, anxiety and behavioral disorders. An education into psychological programs enlightens individuals about behavioral neuroscience, cognitive developmental and more.

  1. Electrical Engineering

 Electrical engineering broadly explains the mechanisms of physics and electrical development to individuals. It simultaneously allows individuals to experiment and research around advancing methodologies of engineering. Therefore, it makes up to the top 10 courses to study in Canada after graduation.

Which Educational and Immigration Agencies help people Study in Canada?

Study in Canada
Study in Canada

Several educational and immigration agencies in the countries guide people and support them to apply to Canadian universities. These agencies add convenience, support and their consultancy services for the applications of student visas. All the countries have educational consultancy services and immigration programs to help individuals migrate to Canada from their nations.

Canada Prime Marketing

Canada Prime Marketing (CPM) is now expanding into Canada Prime Immigration (CPI). It majorly operates through Pakistan and Canada. It provides guidance to students from all over Pakistan to migrate to Canada after procuring admissions into Canadian institutes. It offers world class consultancy services, with highly cost effective models for Pakistani students.

It also equips students with all the necessary certification and qualification as IELTS in order to streamline the admission process in Canada. CPI efficiently ensures the provision of student visas and business visas to Pakistani students. Moreover, it guarantees the allocation of jobs in an internationally operating marketing agency.

November 1, 2021

North America is the area where Canada is located. Canada is a very famous country because many people want to immigrate there for business and studies. This city provides a lot of benefits to people. Every year a lot of people move to Canada. It’s the best place for immigration for Canada because of its beautiful atmosphere, friendly behavior and familiar culture.

Let’s talk about this topic why we should choose Canada for Immigration? 

The answer to this question is that Canada provides many benefits to their people from different countries. For example, if a student wants immigration for Canada, then they offer them scholarships, apartments and even allowed them to work so that they earn to meet their expenses. Likewise, if a person wants to do business there, then Canadian companies provide different benefits.

Here are some reasons people should choose Canada for Immigration

Canada is a stunning place, and the worth of life is good there. Canadian houses are good to live in, and they provide excellent opportunities for jobs.  People of Canada are very friendly. The cities of Canada are neat and clean. People live outside during the warm season. Facilities for health is also free in this Country.

People are a very open mind, helpful and friendly. The rate of crime in Canada is meagre. The education of Canada is brilliant. The Climate or weather of Canada is good. The air is clean in Canada and also has good food. Beeches, Mountains, Lakes and Niagara falls are also present in Canada. Canada is an affordable place. Universities are reasonable, affordable and provide good quality of education.

Which are the best cities in Canada for Immigration?

Here is the list of cities which is best in Canada for immigrants:

  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Waterloo, Ontario
  • Gatineau, Quebec
  • Brossard, Quebec
  • Delta, British Columbia
  • Burlington, Ontario
  • St. Albert, Alberta
  • Guelph, Ontario
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Saanich, British Columbia

Ottawa is the best city for immigrants because this city is integrated with all things like taxes, crime and salary. So on the second number, people should choose Gatineau. On the third number, the city of Canada in Waterloo, and on the fourth is Brossard.

British Columbia is the city on the fifth number, where the rate of unemployment is 4.9%. The sixth-best place in Saanich and seventh in Burlington. Regina city is on the eighth number, and the ninth number is St. Albert. Finally, at tenth number, the city comes in Guelph.

Immigration for Canada

Immigration for Canada
Immigration for Canada

All of these countries are affordable, and the weather of these countries is also good; that’s why people should choose these cities of Canada for immigration. All of these countries provide high unemployment rates, the best salaries and also good places for living. They also offer the best places to live for immigrants. For example, Guelph and Regina, these two cities are the best places to find a job.

Best Universities for Immigrant Students in Canada

The famous universities in Canada are as follows:

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Calgary
  • Western University
  • University of Ottawa
  • Simon Fraser University
  • York University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Queen’s University
  • Carleton University
  • Ryerson University
  • Concordia University
  • University of Victoria
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Universite Laval
  • University of Guelph
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Windsor
  • Lake head University

These universities are the top universities for students who want to study in Canada. These universities provide the best services to students. For example, the scholarship program, the best place to live, fewer rental places, and they allow students to do the job with studies to earn to meet their daily expenses. After the completion of their studies, students are also able to apply for employment in Canada.

Apply for a Student Visa

If a student wants apply for further studies, then you have to follow these two steps:

A candidate, first of all, should provide a passport, photographs, crime clearance, and medical certificate.

After this, you receive an acceptance letter from the university, and you have to provide them with further documents.

How to Apply for Entry in Canada?

How to Apply for Entry in Canada
How to Apply for Entry in Canada

These are two you have to follow if you are applying for Canada

The first step is to submit an outline with documents like language test results, passports, and educational records.

After this submission, you receive an invitation to apply for permanent Canadian residence. In this, you have to further provide documents like your crime clearance and more information about yourself.

Qualities of Person who is Eligible for this Entry

A candidate should have a degree from a college or university.

A candidate should have experience in work.

A candidate should be expertise in a language like English or French.

Requirements for Entry

A candidate has experience in the best place of one year.

A candidate should have to be approved in this language test Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).   

A candidate should have to complete his post-secondary education, which is assessed with Educational Credential Assessment.

Requirements for Candidates

A candidate should be under 30 years old.

A candidate should have degree it maybe Bachelors’ or Masters.

A candidate must have expertise in the English or French language.

A candidate has three years’ work experience.

Factors for Permanent Residence in Canada which makes you more Eligible for Entry

You must have expertise in the French or English language.

You must have done Masters or PhD.

You have work experience in Canada.

You have any brother or sister who exists in Canada.

You have an employment proposal from a Canadian company.

Cost for Entry

The language test cost is $300.

Biometrics cost is $85.

Educational Credential Assessment cost is $200.

Government fees are $1325 for an adult and child $225.

Medical Examination Fees is $450 for adult and $250 for the child.

The police clearance certificate cost is $100.

There is no fee when you are initially applied for entry. However, when you get invited, then you have to pay for it.

How much Time does Entry take?

Your profile will remain on the go for 12 months.

If you have not received any invitation after 12 months, then you have to apply again.

After your issuance of the ITA, you will provide more documents within 60 days.

When the immigration authorities receive your complete profile, then your visa process starts in six months.

Best Immigration Consultants for Canada

Canada Prime Marketing is the best immigration consultant. This market has 11 years of experience, and they provide counseling about studies to students. The facilities they provide are visa information and also about immigration programs.

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October 27, 2021

Immigration is different from migration. Immigration refers to the permanent resettlement in another country, while the migration is temporary resettlement within or outside the country.

Studying in Canada?

Students need high-quality education, and for this, they choose international universities. Many students switch to international institutes to study.

About 53% of Asian students emigrate to different countries for academic purposes. But this student relocation is part of the migration, not immigration.

We need visas to visit each country temporarily or permanently. Students can travel to. International countries on student visas, so they are considered non-immigrants. Visa advisors like Canada Prime Immigration guide students on all educational details in Canada. They provide information about studying in Canada and the details of the universities, the details of the scholarships, and the visa information for studying. Why Study in Canada?

Canada is situated in North America, and it is the 2nd largest country in the world. Canada is a popular choice for international students due to its safety and cultural tolerance. In addition, Canada gives you a high level of education compared to other countries.

Studying in Canada helps you explore your educational experience and benefits later in your professional career so you can develop the courage to look ahead.

For a graduate student, Research is one of the key components. Therefore, the universities support students with the best research ideas, and many scholarships are given to students for the research work.

  • Affordable Education
  • Innovative & Abundant Research Opportunity
  • Immigrational Possibilities
  • Exciting-Campus Life
  • Healthy & the Safe Community
  • International students can work while they study & Internships
  • Numerous research opportunities
  • Vibrant campus environment
  • Option of working for the international students when studying
  • Good internship opportunities
  • Eligibility requirements

Education Qualification

The minimum eligibility criterion is to graduate with a 50% score from a UGC & AICTE recognized university.

Cost of studying in Canada

Cost of studying in Canada
Cost of studying in Canada

Tuition fee varies by institution and province in Canada, but the cost of studying is more affordable than in other countries of the world.  Art courses are more affordable than Technical and medical courses. About C$20,000 and C$30,000 annually are required to cover the tuition fees.

This range is an average only and can vary according to the institution and program you are enrolled in. The costs for housing, food, and other living expenses depend on your location and your own needs, but C$15,000 annually is not a rare estimate.


Tuition fees for international students can vary from province to province and programs. However, on average, an international student’s tuition and fees range from CAD 7,000 to CAD 35,000 per year.

Citizenship & Immigration in Canada mandates that you prove you have enough money to meet your financial needs while studying in Canada before you start. So it is important to begin sorting out your finances – & looking into the possible scholarships you can obtain, which can help you fund your education.


On-campus residences for students are also offered by certain universities, specifically for students from abroad. Students have to observe one by one for on-campus housing, and its cost varies throughout establishments and could depend upon whether or not or now no longer you need a non-public room or a meal plan, for example. Some worldwide college students pick to stay off-campus in a rental. Rent for a normal two-bedroom rental in Canada averages $1,577 according to month* however, it varies depending upon the town or community and lodging type.

Most universities can assist with finding housing, both on and off-campus, and answer questions through their housing office or student services.


Depending on your location, you will be cabin a position to stroll or motor motorcycle to campus. Many students, especially those in large cities, pick out public transportation: buses, subways, commuter trains, or ferries. One-manner public transit fares normally price some dollars, and month-to-month passes variety from about $eighty to $150, even though many transit companies provide pupil discounts.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

All international students in Canada must have health insurance, and the available medical coverage varies from province to province. Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan cover international students under their provincial health care plans, but coverage generally depends on the length of your stay.

Student Visa Requirement

Following things are required to apply for the visa process:

  • Valid & original Passport
  • Attested copies of all Degree certificates
  • Academic references#2
  • Employer references#2
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • extracurricular achievement’s certificate
  • An acceptance letter issued by the relevant educational institution
  • Proof of payment & financial funds
  • photographs of Passport size
  • Study Permit & visa
  • English Proficiency letter

Every university makes the students aware of additional requirements, if any, before your application.

Steps for Visa application

While applying for study in Canada, you need to follow these guidelines:

Before shortlisting the universities, decide what you want to study, where you want to live, overall cost, various opportunities, etc. Then select Universities.

Prepare for an Entrance Exam

Prepare for the tests like TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/IELTS etc., required by the university.

Ensure that you have the money and everything ready for your entire study period in Canada, along with accommodation, local travel, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. Then, decide on financing your studies – personal savings, education loans, student scholarships, or assistantship.

You should contact the university directly for the admission requirements. Every university has its admission requirements. you have to complete the applications well before deadlines and send them.

Confirm admission: After getting your acceptance letters from the universities, you have applied to, choose the university you would like to study. After this, the next step is to pay a non-refundable deposit to the university to confirm your admission.

Get your Student Visa: Once your admission is confirmed, you can apply for your student visa.

After Graduation Steps

Canada has furnished approaches to inspire worldwide college students and graduates to stay, benefit from paintings experience, or in any other case, contribute to Canada’s financial system and culture. To hold worldwide college students, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) operates a Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. Under this program, worldwide graduates might also additionally gain open paintings allow for up to a few years. This lets in them to paintings for any Canadian enterprise in any enterprise without the requirement of a Canadian activity provided at the time of applying.

October 21, 2021
October 21, 2021

Canada visa company is one of the most famous company globally, covering 4600 km from North to the South. The vast land is the second-largest country in the world. With a population of 0.5%.

Canada Visa Company

Canada is one of the amazing and well-known countries around the world. Many foreigners want to immigrate right here due to its growing financial system and theoretical possibilities.

Canada offers high quality of living and has numerous well-known Universities.
Therefore, among the peoples everywhere in the international need to immigrate right here. There is a limitless opportunity and potential to be found in Canada’s unexpectedly growing and industrialized monetary machine.
As one of the rich countries, Canada offers the very exceptional widespread of dwelling on the identical time as decreasing taxes and strengthening their monetary machine with a 2.3% inflation rate.

Visa Policies for Canada

  • Contacting Canada Visa company is the best way to know about the visa policies for Canada.
  • Anyone who wants to enter Canada first discusses the process with the relevant Candid visa company. Thus, look for other criteria. Also, they have to pass through different processes, including holding a passport issued by one of the 54 eligible visa attempt countries.
  • All the documents, applications for visas can be submitted online.
    Other than that, a visa application must be submitted to the visa application center of Canada for Another process.
Canada Visa Company
Canada Visa Company

Ways to Contact the Best Visa Company

Now the question here arises how to contact the best Canada Visa company?
Google is the most rated visa company in Canada. And get knowledge about all the queries and processes from them.

Because only the best companies provide you with the correct information, then collect all your necessary information and documents and apply for the further process.


Note: It’s necessary to submit all of your required information and documents.

Documents Required

Here are the number of the main requirements each Canada visa company point out while applying for Canada:

  • Firstly, while the ECA l, language test, then create your profile.
  • Look for Canada PNP (optional), follow for ITA.
  • Collect all of your entire documents, clinical clearance certificate, photos, etc.
  • Wait for affirmation of Canada PR, apply for the card (PR).

By following these kinds of steps, you may, without problems, follow for Canada Visa. And circulate ahead in the direction of your future without difficulty.

Super Visa for Canada

The query right here arises is what’s a super visa?

Super Visa for Canada
Super Visa for Canada

The Super Visa is for individuals who want their mother and father or grandparents to live with them in Canada. With the parent and grandparent great visa, eligible mother and father and grandparents can visit the own circle of relatives in Canada for up to 2 years without the need to renew their status.

The key difference is that the Super Visa allows someone to stay for up to two years on each get admission to into Canada, on the identical time as a 10-year multiple get admission to visa would possibly maximum efficiently have a status period for each access of six months only.

Super Visa Policies

To be eligible for the super visa, applicants need to be the mother and father and grandparents of Canadian citizens or eternal citizens. Dependents of mother and father and grandparents aren’t eligible for this visa.

The super visa applicants need to moreover be determined admissible to Canada and meet some different conditions.
Visa officials maintain in thoughts several factors in advance than identifying whether or now no longer an applicant is admissible. Officers must receive as actual with the applicant is a real tourist to Canada who will go away through a desire on the cover of the visit.

Among the topics, the officer might probably don’t forget the following:
• The person’s ties to their domestic country
• The cause of the visit
• The person’s circle of relatives and economic situation
• The usual economic and political balance of the house country
• Invitation from Canadian hosts.

Main Procedure for Super Visa

Parents and Grandparents residents can live in Canada for two years without the need to renew their status.

  • Complete and submit form [IMM5257] (to be filled outdoor of Canada).
  • Parents’ economic and host financial situation can be considered.
  • The general financial and political, moreover offer application.
  • Invitation letter from the host.

The main mission of the best Canadian Visa company

Do you need to tour Canada? And you want to are trying to find a recommendation from a great Canadian Visa company? You don’t want to be worried approximately. We’re right here to help you in a great direction.

Our predominant mission of Canada Immigration Company is to help our clients choose the right route in their existence. Therefore, we help our clients in supplying our wonderful and responsible services.

October 20, 2021

If you are looking to study abroad without spending high investment, then Canada is the best place to study. This article gives you information for international students to know the cheapest city to study.

Cheapest City to Study in Canada

Canada is a great place for the world’s popular universities. The tuition fees for international students can vary widely, but it is depending on you that where you want to study. It depends on various factors like the university, and your study program, as well as the location or city you want to study in canada.

The tuition fees take your large volume of expenses as a student. It is the better thing that you have to compare the average of expenses according to the requirement of different places. You have to make your mind that what is the cheapest place to study in Canada. This thing helps you to select the best university that is most suitable for your budget and career goals.

If you want to obtain an international education without putting your large portion of the money, then Canada is the cheapest and the most affordable place to study. They offer competitive tuition that is suitable and affordable according to your need as well as budget.

The Latest information from Canada Statistics tell about the average tuition fees for international students in 2018/2019;

  • For undergraduate program: CND$27,159 (over US$20,000/£15,000) as per year For graduate program: CND$16,497 (over US$12,000/£9,000) as per year. 

There are also fewer fee charges that conduct according to the location (Province) and level of study:


Average tuition fees (CAD$) 2018/2019
                         (Province)     undergraduate graduate
Newfoundland and Labrador 12,035 4,087
New Brunswick 14,290 11,593
Manitoba 15,582 10,995
Nova Scotia 17,662 18,907
Saskatchewan 20,211          6,032
Prince Edward Island 21,525 11,905
Alberta 21,548 11,804
Quebec 21,857 15,392
British Columbia


25,472 16,988
Ontario 34,961 21,686


There are the top 3 cheapest locations to obtain undergraduate studies for international students

  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • New Brunswick
  • Manitoba

There are the Top 3 Cheapest locations for International Students to Continue Graduate Studies

  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba

According to the Statistics of Canada report, almost two-thirds of international students prefer to study at the undergraduate level.

  • 39% enroll in management, business, and public administration, with a $26,395 tuition fee. It is a very low fee charge as a national average for every field of study in 2018-2019.
  • 14% enroll full-time in engineering programs at the undergraduate level international students with $30,742 tuition fees.

Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students

It is another best way for international students to obtain admission into a Canadian college. These colleges provide you a high-quality education and you get to pay less for it. Many countries of the world require you to show your bank account. Canada is a great and adventurous place to study. It offers one of the best post-secondary educations confirms by the world education governing bodies.

Hence you can see a clear picture of the cheapest and affordable colleges abroad. It can also remove unnecessary obstacles in your path of academic journey. Canada provides you quality education system; international students have to know differences in the cost of tuition among various provinces.

Canadian colleges are the best education place in the world. Many international students graduate from these higher institutions that make their great careers, communities, and around the globe.

These higher institutions require you lower tuition fees and offer high-quality education.

The cheapest top colleges are following

  • Algonquin College
  • Bow Valley College
  • Camosun College
  • We College
  • Georgian College
  • Lambton College
  • Niagara College
  • Lethbridge College
  • Loyalist College
  • Seneca College
  • Selkirk College
  • Northern Light College
  • Humber College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Sheridan College
  • Centennial College
  • Conestoga College
  • Confederation College

How to Apply for a Student Visa?

The better thing before putting your expense you have to visit visa for Canada. After choosing a place you need a Student VISA to visit outside the country for studying. It is an official document placed in your passport that gives you Canadian authorities. You need these authorities to meet the requirements for admission into Canada as a visitor, student, or worker.

Canada is a well-known place in the world that allows more than 2.5 million visitors of different countries. You have to apply for a visitor visa to come and visit Canada as a tourist.

Requirements for VISA

To apply for Canada Student VISA, you have to give the following requirements;

  • A valid document, like a passport
  • Previous records of your education
  • Basic English Language
  • Report of Good Health
  • Candidate is no criminal or immigration-related convictions.
  • Candidate has to prove that why you are visiting Canada. Like a job, study, home, financial assets, or family that prove you will be returning to your home country.
  • You have to leave Canada at the end of your visit.
  • Candidate has enough money for your stay that depends on where and how long you stay.

How Long can you Stay?

It is depending on your academic program that how much time requires to complete your degree. Almost all students can stay for up to 2 or 4 in Canada. At the port of entry, the border services officer may allow you to stay for less than 2/4 years, not more than your time.

If so, they can put the date that you need to leave in your passport. They might also give you a document, called a Student recorder, which will show the date you need to leave by and it is a clue for the student.

You can stay for 2/4 years from the day you enter Canada or until your passport expires if you do not have a stamp on your passport. You can ask a border services officer for one if you need stamp.

Visitor Visa Before you Apply

You have to need a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. The entry document you need depends on the following terms:

  • the type of travel document you plan to travel with
  • the country that issued your travel document
  • your nationality
  • your method of travel to Canada for this trip

How to Extend a Canadian Student Visa?

If you are living in Canada and want to stay longer than your visa’s expiration date, you can file for an extension. To apply for an extension, you have to need to fill out an IMM 5708 Form.

If your application to extend your stay in Canada is approved, you will receive a student record.

A student record:

  • is a document that says how long you can stay in Canada
  • includes an expiry date
  • that’s the date that you must leave Canada by

A student record can give you a guaranteed entry to Canada. If you are deciding to travel outside of Canada, you need a valid entry document to return to Canada.


People want to study abroad due to quality education, passion, and careers in the cheapest way. So they immigrate to get benefits and high-quality education. Canada has provided a lot of facilities to the students for their study. Students become more skilled and experienced except studying. The universities provide you facility of scholarships and part-time for the students who want to earn with learning to maintain their expenses. After getting study students can get jobs opportunity in Canada.