There are different reasons to visit a certain country & every country offers different visas for different reasons to visit a country. Some want to visit as a student, some as visitors, or some as an employee. Other than these reasons, some individuals migrate to a certain country to visit our near ones. For this purpose, a person has to apply for it. It is a temporary authorization that allows a person to visit a certain country for a specific period. Different countries have different policies for applying for a family visa. Usually, this type of visa comes under the spouse sponsorship immigration program.

A family visa offers a temporary visit to a certain country, so it does not provide permanent residency status to an immigrant. However, a person is eligible to apply for residency if he has a close relative either spouse there. Different countries offer to apply for an extension in visas by clearing certain tests.

Advantages of a Family visa:

Visiting any country in the world on a family-based visa has certain advantages. A family visa allows the specified family members to visit their near ones. It also helps to understand the culture & standards of living in that country. An immigrant family member is encouraged to experience a high self-employment rate. Family-based visas help an immigrant to provide financial and social support to his family.

Requirements to apply for a family visa:

Every country has its policy to granting a family visa. It greatly depends on the country to allow or dismiss an individual’s application for a family visa. All the requirements to be eligible for it depends on the immigration department of the country you are traveling to. And to be eligible to enter a certain country, an applicant should meet all these requirements.

Basic documents required for applying for a family visa of any country include; a valid travel ID (passport), recent photographs, medical certificate, details of any criminal background, & your spouse’s details. Other than these documents, an applicant should provide his finance details and relation with the so basically, two groups include; immediate relative’s categories and family preference categories are eligible for it.

It is not always necessary to apply for visas, and you might be able to travel from and to a certain country on your regular passport. But it depends on the country’s terms and conditions. Here is the Visa Policy for Canada.

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