Work visa:

Visiting a specific country either as a student, worker or permanent resident is a dream of many individuals. There are different reasons to apply for visiting abroad & almost every country has different requirements to issue visas for a specific field. If you want to move abroad for educational purposes, you have to apply for a student visa & if you are applying to visit your family, a family visa is required. However, to get entry into the market of any country, a person needs a work permit that allows a person to find employment in that country. & For that reason, an applicant has to apply for a work visa.

Different countries have different criteria to issue a work visa. If an applicant is applying for a Canadian work visa, he has to meet all the requirements to get approval. IRCC only allows specific overseas individuals to work in Canada for a specific time period.

Requirements to apply for Canadian Work Visa:

Anyone can apply for a work visa in Canada by meeting the required criteria. Eligibility criteria to get a Canadian work permit or visa are;

  • An applicant must provide proof that he will leave the country after the expiry of his permit/visa.
  • An applicant should have sufficient settlement funds.
  • Proof of no criminality record should be provided.
  • A medical examination is necessary to apply for this visa. In case of any lethal disease; your application will get rejection.
  • An applicant should not have any plans to work as an employer for those who offer erotic dance, escort services, striptease, or erotic massages, etc.
  • Travelling, educational, or work experience documents are also required.

If a foreigner wants to get employment in Canada, he has to apply for a work permit also.

Types of work visas or permits offered by Canadian Immigration authorities:

Canada offers 2 types of a work permit;

  1. Openwork permits:

An open work permit allows an applicant to work for any employer in Canada.

  1. Employer-specific work permits:

This program allows an applicant to work for a specific employer according to the certain conditions of your work permit. Your work permit contains your location & duration of work, & the name of the employer where you are working.

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