Top Canada Sponsorship Alternatives for Parental Immigration 2024

Canada is a dream destination to settle in for people from all over the globe. It is a Country that is the world link of a bustling business community, outstanding academic institutions, low crime, and a decent standard of living. For many Pakistanis, this country is a place that provides the greatest unlimited options for development and growth.

Canada is a country that is renowned for its quality of life and opportunities for personal growth. It offers numerous opportunities to families from all over the world to have a secure future.

Are you planning to settle your parents in Canada along with you permanently, perhaps through Canada sponsorship? Then you are at the right place because We will guide you through Canada immigration and the alternatives to Canada sponsorship for your parents in 2024.

Overview of Canada Immigration

Canada immigration is a process that begins with the wish to permanently live in Canada for different reasons, including family reunification, employment purposes, seeking asylum, or pursuing higher education. Canada sponsorship is one of the key aspects to consider for family reunification.

Canada is a country with successful immigration policies which facilitate the process of becoming a Canadian citizen. Moreover, by immigration, Canada has many adults participating in the workforce who sustain their labour market through their labour.

Canada is ranked amongst the best Countries with low crime rates and quality of life. However, the immigration process is long and complicated, involving many steps and depending on an individual’s profile.

Documentations Required for a Canada Immigration

The documents you need are determined by the program or programs you are applying to. During the application process, any documents that show your work experience, education, and identity documents will be required, as well as other documents that show criminal and medical background.

Alternatives to Sponsoring Your Parents for Canada Sponsorship

There are many other options if you immigrate your parents to Canada. All the other alternatives have different eligibility criteria and periods, so it is better to research and consult a good consultant to help you choose the best way to Canada immigration. Canada sponsorship offers various avenues for family reunification.

Some other alternatives are;

Visitor Visa Extension: 

One option for your parents to immigrate to Canada is that your parents can extend their visit visas. If they want their visitor visa to continue, they must apply for an extension a month before their visitor status expires.

A visitor record is something other than a visa; it’s a document category that gives you the right to stay in Canada as a visa, a worker, or a student.

Super Visa: 

Another option is the super visa. This type of visa is eligible to the relatives particularly the parents and grandparents of the Canadian citizens living in Canada. It has simple requirements like a letter of invitation and a medical examination.

Express Entry: 

The Express Entry system handles permanent residency applications for three immigration programs in Canada. Your parents can create an express entry profile, and based on certain factors such as age, language, education, and more, those with the highest scores are granted Permanent residency through draws. Canada sponsorship can be a viable route for family reunification through Express Entry.

Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP): 

The PGP is another option to bring your parents to Canada. This program is particularly crafted for Canadian citizens or PRS to sponsor their grandparents and parents to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): 

Permanent residency can be granted by specific provinces in Canada to international students, as each Province has its custom-designed immigration programs with varying eligibility criteria and application processes. This pathway of obtaining a PR is the most popular as it has the fastest processing timings.

Extending your study permit: 

Another way is for your parents to apply for a study permit. When their study permit expires, they must apply for a study permit extension before the expiry date. Although the extension does not merely lead to permanent residency, it can be a pathway by applying through programs like the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Provincial Nominees Program (PNP). 

Other Pathways of Canada Immigration:

Canada offers different ways for Pakistani nationals to immigrate and get Permanent Residency in Canada. These are some other alternatives to sponsoring your parents;

Business Immigration:

Business Immigration requires significant investment in the company you plan to set up in Canada. Business immigration provides the easiest way to work and reside in Canada through Provincial/regional or Federal entrepreneur programs.

Express Entry:

Express Entry is considered the fastest, easiest, and most popular immigration method; application processing takes about 6 months or less. By the year 2025, Canada is planning to invite almost half a million newcomers through various Express entry streams: Federal skilled trades (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program is another method of immigration processing. There are numerous nominee programs offered by Canadian Provinces, each with unique eligibility criteria; they invite overseas candidates either based on the Province’s need for the labour market or connection to the Province to apply for nomination. Canada sponsorship through PNP can provide opportunities for family reunification as well. 

Moreover, each PNP has its own processing time and process. The fees are usually the same as the express entry, depending on the nominating Province. 


In short, Canada is an ideal destination for people from around the world due to its thriving business landscape, immense educational opportunities, and diverse society.

In this regard, a Canada Immigration program provides numerous ways and pathways to settle in Canada for the people from Pakistan. Canada sponsorship is a significant avenue to explore in this pursuit.

We have gathered and highlighted some important alternatives to sponsoring Pakistanis who want to immigrate their parents to Canada. Canada sponsorship is a significant avenue to explore in this pursuit.