How to Increase Your Chances of Canada PR in 2024

Canada’s goal of admitting more than a million new permanent residents by the end of 2024 is gaining new attention internationally. Under Canada’s latest three-year immigration levels plan, Canada aims to welcome from 430,000 to 542,500 in 2024 and from 442,500 to 550,000 in 2025. The latest Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014 has captured significant attention from migrants across the globe. The total number of occupations entitled to this program is 50, with an enormous number of intake caps compared to previous years.


Living in Canada and holding a PR status requires much effort, but with effort comes the fruit as well. Multiple benefits of Canadian permanent residency are listed below:

  • All permanent residents may avail themselves of the rights, freedoms, and protections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms other than those exclusively granted to citizens.
  • Secondly, a person must have been living in Canada as a permanent resident for three years (1095 days) out of the five years preceding their application.


Getting a Canadian Permanent Residency is one of the most satisfactory feelings. Getting a Canada PR is not a cup of tea. The applicant has to go through various stages to reach the end level. Canada offers several immigration programs through which one can apply for permanent residency. A good profile always increases your chance of getting PR. Multiple factors are considered while applying for permanent residency. 

  • Apply through PNP:

The best way to increase your chances of getting PR is to apply through PNP. Applying through the PNP programs provides you an advantage in applying directly to your favorite province. Once you are approved to be admitted to your favorite province, you are allowed to proceed with the following steps. 

  • Learn Two Main Languages:

Language proficiency is the main requirement for applying in Canada. English, being an internationally recognized language, is the best way to be efficient in it. The two main national languages of Canada are English and French. Thus, if you are fluent in English and French, both languages, then you have an additional advantage in getting Canadian permanent residency at a faster pace. 

  • Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship may not suit everyone, yet it’s a seed breaking barriers, growing against odds, and defying imagination. If you have an idea or entrepreneurial spirit, then pursue it with the start-up visa program, which helps give students secure permanent residency. Though challenging, it’s a potential path to Canadian permanent residency and a settled life.


Hence, if you want to move to Canada using your skills, move to the Maple Leaf Country as a Federal Skilled Worker. Cut through the Canada PR Points System called Canada Express Entry. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned organization, wants skilled and experienced workers who know reasonably good English and come with an excellent educational background. Therefore, The present time is perfect for skilled workers cutting across several professions to apply for a Canada PR Visa and move to the hotspot permanently.