Express Entry Canada Profile: Strategies for Pakistani Applicants

Dreaming and planning to apply for a Canadian PR can be a daunting task, particularly for Pakistani applicants. Out of many pathways to express entry, Canada is the easiest pathway for immigration which is also preferred by Pakistani applicants.

Express Entry Canada is a competitive point-based pathway that is designed for skilled workers, due to which Pakistani applicants need to enhance their CRS score to receive an invitation to apply.

In this guide, we will explore the complete application process of Express Entry Canada along with additional tips and strategies for Pakistani applicants to maximize your chances of application approval.

Express Entry Canada as a PR Pathway

Express entry to Canada is one of the pathways to Canadian immigration. Express Entry is considered the fastest, easiest, and most popular immigration method, it takes about 6 months or less for application processing. 

By the year 2025, Canada is planning to invite almost half a million newcomers through various Express entry streams:

  • Federal skilled trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW).

Making and submitting your profile to the express entry Canada pool is an overwhelming process with multiple steps. It is only for those candidates who are eligible for the programs under the Express Entry Canada profile. Then the profiles are assessed with the help of CRS scores, with the highest being able to apply for a Canadian PR.

Overall, Express entry is a pathway to migrate to Canada which is characterized by the CRS score that determines the fate of your PR application.

How to Create an Express Entry Canada Profile:

The process of creating an express entry profile needs proper time and consideration, for this reason, we have compiled a step-by-step process on how to create and submit an express entry profile.

The first step includes taking your English proficiency test. Improve your English and/or French language skills through standardized tests like IELTS (for English) or TEF (for French). Higher language proficiency can greatly increase your CRS score.

The next step includes having your educational degrees compared to the Canadian educational standards. You may need to prepare for additional education in Canada which is equivalent to the international institutions and boosts up the number of your CRS points. Moreover, obtaining your degree in Canada can also make you applicable for post-graduation employment granting you working experience in Canada.

Candidates can apply for Canadian immigration through Express entry if their work or job experience is the same as the ones mentioned in Canada’s national occupation classification. It includes occupations from a management background and those that require a university or college degree.

After completing the above steps, applicants need to see if they are eligible for the program through the online tool present on Canada’s Immigration website.

Now comes the stage of creating your express entry profile. After being eligible the candidate is required to provide information such as age and gender, contact information, travel documents information, language proficiency, financial backing work/educational history, and much more.

After the completion of the above step, you can now submit your profile upon which you will receive your profile number and a code which you might need to

After that, your profile will be updated to the express entry candidate pool where your profile will be assessed based on your CRS score, and if you meet the requirements you will be invited to apply for PR in Canada.

Significance of CRS Score for Express Entry Canada

The CRS score which ranks you in the express entry pool, constitutes a total of 1200 points, which is made up of 600 core and 600 additional points. 

The core points are calculated through factors such as skills transferability, spouse factors, skills and experience factors along educational skills. 

Boosting your CRS score in the Express Entry system because it tends to affect your eligibility for Canadian Immigration and Permanent Residency directly. A higher CRS score makes you more competitive in this pool, improving your prospects for achieving Canadian immigration.

Strategies and Tips to Maximize Your Express Entry Profile 

Knowing that the express entry profile is crucial in determining your future and prospects of Canadian PR. We have highlighted some strategies through which you can maximize your chances of approval through the express entry profile.

  • Tip 1: Make certain that all necessary documentation, inclusive of educational transcripts, language test results, proof of funds and work experience letters, are properly prepared and organized for immigration program requirements.
  • Tip 2: Thoroughly understand the dos and don’ts of the application process. You need to check the eligibility criteria and gather all the required documents without any rush. Familiarizing yourself with the specific immigration regulations and policies is a crucial aspect of successful Canadian immigration through Express Entry.
  • Tip 3: Your work experience is a crucial aspect of enhancing your CRS score. The Express entry uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) that assigns points to all occupations, hence choosing the effective NOC code, with the help of a professional, is one of the simplest ways to increase your CRS score.
  • Tip 4: Get marital or spousal points: Choosing the principal applicant wisely is crucial if you are applying for a joint express entry profile. If you have a spouse or common-law partner, you have three possibilities to enhance your CRS score. Your spouse may get you more points by getting an Educational credential assessment (ECA)  for any post-secondary education they have, furthermore, there is a possibility that your score can get higher if you list your spouse as non-accompanying, and join or sponsor them afterwards. And lastly, your spouse can be the principal applicant and can boost your CRS score.
  • Tip 5: Consult a good Canadian immigration consultant: Getting advice from an immigration representative is crucial as they will not only help you fill out the application properly but also provide a sense of satisfaction and peace that your case is in good and experienced hands.
  • Tip 6: If your initial English proficiency test score is low, you can always increase it by effectively working on your mistakes and retaking the test. You need to score at least CLB 7 to be eligible for an express entry profile under the FSWP. For this purpose, improving your IELTS score will enhance your CLB as well as your chances of increasing your CRS score. You can take up IELTS as many times as possible, and update your profile concerning it.


In short, traversing through the process of an express entry profile for Canada can be a challenging task, but with the right information, understanding the key requirements, gathering necessary documents, and following the strategies mentioned above, you can get a Canada PR efficiently and easily.

To maximize your chances of PR application approval through the Express Entry Canada pathway it is necessary to focus on following the strategies mentioned for Pakistani applicants.

Furthermore, it is important to be informed and updated about all the recent updates regarding the Express Entry system to enhance the chance of receiving an ITA.