Investing in Canada: A Pakistani’s Guide to the Canada Startup Visa

Canada is considered an ideal destination for startups that are aiming for global success and a place that provides a unique opportunity for Pakistani businessmen and entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in Canada. Moreover, it is among the best countries to work in because its labour environment is quite regulated and attracts a skilled labour force.

Canada startup visa is known to robust economies and support businesses, this program is specially crafted for individuals who have unique ideas through which Canada can benefit economically.

This guide will provide Pakistani nationals with all the necessary information needed for a Canada startup visa and will equip them with tools and strategies to increase their chances of visa approval.

 Why Invest in Canada?

Canada is a perfect destination for you to set up your business and invest in due to multiple reasons such as;

Canada is currently the 9th largest economy in the world, with a population of over 38 million people. The population comprises people from diverse backgrounds. This Canadian diversity allows people to access wide-ranging and varied markets, with unlimited opportunities, and growth opportunities. 

Not only this, the Canadian Business landscape is very cordial for conducting efficient business and provides an opportunity to grow and evolve.

Furthermore, for conducting a business, the presence of a stable and secure setting and environment is necessary, and Canada fully fits into this description.  Canada’s GDP ranks among the top 10 strongest economies in the world, with its economy recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. This gives business persons and entrepreneurs a sense of security in setting up their businesses in the country. 

Lastly, the Canadian business landscape promotes growth and development, that is why people tend to opt to set up their Businesses in Canada.

Canada Startup Visa Essentials

Canada startup visa is a program that is designed to attract skilled entrepreneurs who have unique business ideas can create employment opportunities for people and can thrive in the business market.

Additionally, the Canada startup visa stands as a gateway to the world of opportunities for businesspersons aspiring to flourish in one of the most welcoming business landscapes globally. Obtaining this visa can open doors to a range of opportunities and benefits if you are looking to set up your business in the country. 

Eligibility Requirements for All Applicants

There are certain requirements you need to meet to get eligible for a Canada startup visa;

  • You should have no criminal record
  • Demonstrate strong ties with your home country
  • Provide proof of financial backing to support your stay in Canada.
  • Should not indulge in illegal work.
  • Take a medical exam if required.
  • Not to take part in criminal activities in Canada or be a security threat.

Application Process

To apply for a startup visa for Canada follow these guidelines:

  • Apply online by creating an account and uploading all required documents
  • Be honest and do not provide any false information as it could result in the rejection of your visa.
  • You can also apply with the help of an immigration consultant or representative to avoid any errors.

2024 Start-up Visa Program Updates

This year on April 30th, the Immigration minister of Canada announced significant changes and policies for the Start-up visa by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The significant changes under this new policy are:

Firstly capping, the number of permanent residents accepted under the startup visa will be reduced. The program will now accept around 820 applications under 82 elements like investors, incubators and other ventures.

The cap is a significant move as it can improve and reduce the processing times of the applications and tackle the backlog.

Secondly, the reform focuses on prioritizing processing backed by Canadian capital and is affiliated with Canada’s top technological networks to foster local businesses.

Moreover, the Startup program will provide an easy route to PR in Canada if the applicants fulfil the financial criteria of the program along with supporting evidence from business incubators and other entities.

Lastly, the support and backing of a designated organization is needed for the applicants under this Start-up program to be eligible. They represent Canada’s business communities which is going to invest in the Start-ups of the applicants.

Opportunities brought forward by Canada Startup Visa

The Canada startup visa can offer certain benefits and opportunities such as:

Expanding your business network: A Canadian start-up visa grants you the ability to expand your network and connect with potential clients, investors, and suppliers. The strategic benefit of having a business presence in Canada acts as a gateway to accessing other international markets covered by free trade agreements with Canada.

Access to Canadian Markets: Canada’s start-up visa enables you to access the Canadian markets, incubators, and funding programs which are marked by its openness, supportive ecosystem, and collaboration. This will benefit you to expand your business, facilitate access to these resources, and explore new startups.

Multiple Entry: A Canadian start-up visa allows you multiple entries into Canada within a specified period, offering frequent business travellers to enter and exit the country as needed. This broadens the scope of business opportunities for entrepreneurs, which enables them to pursue diverse markets and negotiate deals with greater ease.


In short, Investing in Canada through a Canada startup visa can be a big step for Pakistani entrepreneurs, as Canada provides an ideal business environment for entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses.

This visa category is best for foreigners who can prove that their business ideas are extraordinary and can positively impact the Canadian entrepreneur landscape.

Pakistani businessmen can take advantage of the opportunities put forward by the Canada SUV program to contribute and achieve their business goals.

This guide has provided an outline and all the necessary information about the SUV program needed by entrepreneurs who are planning to apply for this program.