Latest Updates: Applying for a Canada study visa from Pakistan in 2024

Canada offers an outstanding educational landscape, in every field be it science, engineering, arts, or business and Technology. It provides a wide range of universities to choose from and is at the forefront of shaping the future of students. 

Canada additionally promotes multiculturalism and a hospitable environment. It also offers various scholarships and grants to foreign students along with abundant opportunities for both professional and personal growth, which makes it an ideal destination for Pakistani students.

The Canada study visa allows you to embark on your educational journey in Canada by getting admitted into a Designated Learning Institute. With the recent reforms put forward by the Canadian government, the study permit process has gotten more competitive but it will also ensure quality education for each student.

In this blog, we will explore the basics of obtaining a Canada study visa including the application procedure and the latest updates in 2024.

What is a Canada study visa?

The Canada study visa is almost similar to a Canada visit visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization program (eTA), however, the student must also hold a study permit to be eligible for study. It is a document that will enable beginning your education in Canada.

A student permit enables you to attend schooling under the designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. The study permit will permit you to be present in Canada for a limited period, namely the duration of the study.

Eligibility Criteria for the Canada study visa:

Certain conditions must be fulfilled to keep your student visa in Canada.

  • Be enrolled in a DLI
  • Meet all the requirements of the student visa
  • Do not overstay in Canada after your study permit expires
  • Work towards the completion of your study program.
Key Requirements of Canada study visa:

The following documents need to be submitted along with fees to initiate your application process.

  • A valid passport or travel document is needed.
  • A letter of acceptance from a DLI in Canada.
  • Clean criminal records
  • Your complete past travel history
  • A resume highlighting your educational and employment status
  • Medical examination if required.
  • Passport size photographs
  • Proof of financial resources and stability.
  • English Proficiency test results
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • All the documents must be translated into English or French.

Canada Study Permit Eligibility: 

All foreign students who want to study in Canada need to get a study permit, which along with the visitor visa or an eTA permits you to embark on your educational journey in Canada. 

The study permit creates an easy path for you to apply for Canadian citizenship, but it does not grant you government benefits such as health benefits.

However, there are certain conditions where a student might not need a study permit:

  • If your study program is to be completed in less than 6 months, then you only need a visitor visa.
  • If you are a member of the armed forces of Canada, or if you are related to a Canadian foreign representative.

A Comprehensive Step-by-step Complete Student Visa Process:

A step-by-step guide to a Canada study visa is as follows:

  • Choosing a designated DLI: Make sure that the institution you chose for studying is a designated learning institution, also approved by the government of Canada. Obtain an acceptance letter offered by a DLI.
  • Create an online account on the official Canadian government website through the IRCC website: Visit the official website of the government and create an online account through the IRCC portal.
  • Fill out the online form and complete the application: Fill out the form online. Collect and submit the necessary required documents to start your application process.
  • Pay the required application fees and submit your application: The fees vary according to the country you are applying from, pay the fees through the IRCC portal. Submit your application, and attend a biometric appointment if required.
  • Wait through the processing stage and for the final decision on the application. Once your application is accepted, start packing your bags and travel to Canada.

Latest Updates on Canada study visa

Although international students are an integral part of the Canadian community, the recent influx of students has affected the services. To tackle this problem the IRCC has put in a set of new rules for international students coming to Canada on a student visa.

According to this change, the number of international students would decrease by 35 per cent. Furthermore, there are significant changes to the post-graduation work permit eligibility criteria. Most importantly, there has been a change in the living expenses of international students.

Opportunities Offered by a Canada Study Visa

There are numerous reasons and benefits why every student dreams of a Study Visa in Canada, like means to balance work and study. Students choose Canada as their education destination because it facilitates means to balance work and study side by side. Canada provides its international students the opportunity to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week to bear their expenses.

Moreover, it provides plentiful research opportunities to students and research scholars. The Canadian government supports research in telecommunication, medicine, agriculture, and IT. Apart from that, the tuition fees in Canada are daily cheaper as compared to universities in the UK and USA making it an ideal destination for Pakistani students.


Overall, Canada is an ideal destination for Pakistani students due to its wide range of educational opportunities and high quality of education, which not only cater to students but also provide a pathway for their future trajectory, due to the strong reputation of the Canadian institutes.

The visa process consists of various steps and documentation that need to be fulfilled to make sure your application gets accepted. Overall, studying in Canada provides not only quality education but also a rewarding student life.