PR in Canada: Exploring Pathways to Permanent Residency for Pakistanis

Canada is a land of opportunities for people from all over the world particularly Pakistanis who are planning to settle permanently there. PR in Canada refers to the process of granting a PR status to a person who has immigrated to Canada but is not a Canadian citizen.

Among different Permanent residency pathways, the provincial nominee program offers a unique path for skilled workers and an approach that fulfils the labour market needs of provinces and territories.

This guide will provide Pakistanis with a roadmap for settling permanently in Canada and explore different PNP options tailored for them.

PR in Canada Overview

PR in Canada refers to the process of granting a PR status to a person who has immigrated to Canada but is not a Canadian citizen. Once a person becomes a Canadian permanent resident, they become eligible to obtain a PR card, the individual uses this card to travel in and out of the country, and it indicates a person’s PR status in Canada. 

Permanent residency unlike temporary status in Canada does not expire. Maintaining the Permanent residence status continues until the government does not revoke the PR of a person.

Pathways to PR in Canada

A Canadian permanent resident is a person whom the government of Canada has granted permanent resident status. They enjoy the same benefits as Canadian citizens but they must maintain their status by fulfilling their residency obligations. 

There are many paths to PR in Canada such as:

  • Extending your study permit
  • Express Entry
  • Caregiver Programs
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Eligibility Criteria for PR in Canada

The eligibility and qualification for getting a PR in Canada are examined by the following factors: 

age, level of education, employment, work experience, overall conduct, and language proficiency. Once granted Permanent residency, a person must maintain their permanent status in Canada by meeting the residency obligations. A permanent resident has the flexibility to leave Canada at any time but must fulfil their residency obligations.

Benefits of a PR in Canada

Canada is a land of opportunities, and thousands of people seek to become permanent residents every year. The number of applicants for Permanent residents has been expanding significantly each year. 

Canada plans to invite and accept thousands of individuals to become permanent residents. In the year 2024, the Canadian government is planning to grant around 485,000 to 500,000 people permanent residency. 

A permanent resident brings about numerous benefits such as having the right to vote, access to higher-paying jobs, PR for family members, and so on. Moreover, PR in Canada can be attained through various ways which are discussed below.

Understanding the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Permanent residency can be granted by specific provinces in Canada, as each province has its custom-designed immigration programs with varying eligibility criteria and application processes. 

The Provincial Nominee Program is another method of immigration processing. There are numerous nominee programs offered by Canadian Provinces, each having its unique eligibility criteria, they invite overseas candidates either based on the Province’s need for the labour market, or connection to the province to apply for nomination. 

Moreover, each PNP has its own processing time and process. The fees are usually the same as the express entry, which depends upon the nominating Province.

Different provinces in Canada have their own Provincial Nominee Programs designed according to their area and needs. Hence the program criteria and eligibility also differ between these more than 80 provinces. Expect Quebec and Nunavut each province has its own PNP. 

Steps to Apply:

Firstly, search and find the PNP that best suits you by consulting the list of provinces. You also want to make sure you are eligible for that program.

Next is applying to that PNP by applying directly to the chosen province.

Then comes the part when your application is approved you will get a Provincial nomination certificate through which you can obtain a permanent residency.

The last step is submitting your application for a PR. If your provincial nominees program is aligned with express entry then the process becomes easier and you can apply online for PR.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate that has the maximum chance of receiving a PNP has strong skills and experience along with other factors such as

  • Work experience of high demand jobs
  • English proficiency
  • Strong French proficiency
  • Strong ties to the host province for instance previous study or work experience.

Different PNP Streams

There are different PNP streams and pathways to choose from such as;

International graduate stream that is designed for students who have graduated from Canadian institutes.

Next is the skilled worker stream which specifically targets workers and professionals.

The entrepreneur stream is the one that is designed for businessmen and entrepreneurs who want to set up their businesses in Canada.

Lastly, the semi-skilled worker stream is made for lower-skilled professionals.

Significant Provincial Nomination Programs for Pakistanis

  • The British Columbian Nominee program for high-demand entrepreneurs.
  • The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program for graduates and skilled workers
  • The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is for people who have job offers from Alberta
  • The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for entrepreneurs


In short, like all other PR streams, the Provincial nominee program offers multiple opportunities through which Pakistanis can settle in Canada. Each PNP has a certain requirement and eligibility criteria that need to be understood clearly for approval of applications.

As there are numerous ways to get a PR in Canada seeking proper immigration help can enhance your chances of obtaining a PR in Canada.