November 29, 2021

Want to study in Canada: Higher studies and PR?

There are several reasons to study in Canada, but one of the most is that it has the best higher study destinations. Canada is offering several courses options ranging from undergraduate diplomas to master degrees.

Study in Canada

Research opportunities are a key component of Canadian universities that play a significant role at the front of modern technology. It is a secure and peaceful country that considers as the best place to live in. The top 3 most livable cities of Canadian are Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary in the world.

Best Universities for Study in Canada

Canada has the best universities among the top international ranking universities. They have maintained high standards of academic excellence with the lowest tuition fees in English-speaking countries.

The Best place to get Higher Studies and PR

Canada is providing the best higher education and public relations places in the world to live. Students in Canada have several options to work after graduation program. They can make Canada a permanent home by applying for permanent residency.

Canada is a multicultural country that supports over 90 languages spoken in larger cities. Its Universities are spread and have a high-quality education with several programs like certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, degrees, masters, doctorate, etc.

Canadian government charges lower tuition fees that are relatively affordable as compared to US, UK, and Australian Universities. Canada provides a solid investment to get higher education.

It is also known as the Land Of Opportunities for their Jobs opportunities. Canada has one of the best education systems with outstanding programs in digitally all fields. Canadian universities degrees are highly valuable for employers around the world.

Canada Services for International Students

Canada is increasing the number of international students. They are encouraging many students to apply to Canadian universities.

Canada Services for International Students 
Canada Services for International Students

·       Education System

Education is a provincial responsibility in the Canadian components. There are significant differences between the education systems of Canada and other provinces.

The education system in Canada contains

  1. Generally, all universities are Public funded that provide various courses ranging from Degree to P.HD and research-based.
  2. There are also Private community colleges and technical institutes that are offering diplomas skill-based or Job oriented. These diplomas lead to bachelors in Universities with affordable tuition fees.
  3. About 175 post-secondary institutions have members of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). They are officially known by several titles like Community College, College, Technical Institute, University College, and Caged.
  4. Mostly Public and private institutions are authorized and registered by the Canadian government. They cannot be regulated in another way without any registration.
  5.  All public and private recognized and licensed postsecondary institutions in Canada. They have the authority to allow academic qualifications by their provincial governments through agreements or rules. These agreements enable mechanisms for institutional and program quality.

·       Part-Time Job

It is another service provided by Canada. They offer to International students that they can work on-campus or off-campus with or without a work permit during completing studies.

  1. The Off-Campus Work authority program allows students to work off-campus as a part-time job. But, a student must be a full-time student enrolled at a participating publicly funded post-secondary educational institution for qualification.
  2. There is another option that he must be an approved program at an authorized privately funded institution.

·       Stay Back Options

The International students that are studying for a minimum 8 months program; can apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). They allow students to stay back in Canada after their studies.

But, the duration of stay back is depending upon the duration of their program. If the study program is less than 2 years then the stay back is equal to the duration of their course. If their program is 2 years or more than 2 years then the stay equals 3 years.


Hence, the above material shows that study in Canada is the best place to get higher studies and Permanent Residency. The government charges lower tuition fees that are relatively affordable as compared to other countries.

It is also known as the Land Of Opportunities for their Jobs opportunities. Canadian universities degrees are highly valuable for employers around the world. If you want to get higher education then, Canada is the best place to live in.


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